Can you rename traded pokemon?

If you are looking for a way to spice up your Pokemon trading experience, then we have the perfect solution. We will show you how to rename traded pokemon in this blog post! There are two ways to rename traded pokemon. The first way is by going to the “More” tab, selecting “Pokemon” and then clicking on “Edit Nickname.” This will bring up a box where you can go ahead and type in your desired nickname for that Pokemon!

You should also have the option of renaming your pokedex as well if you so desire. The second way is through transferring them via GTS or Wonder Trade. Once you receive it, take a visit over to the Pokedex menu (again) and click on “Rename.” Type out what name you would like with ease!

One thing we found was that there are some errors when typing our own custom name, but that is the only drawback we have seen so far! I hope this article was helpful for you and your Pokemon trading experience. If there are any other questions about renaming traded pokemon or anything else related to Pokkén Tournament DX please feel free to contact us using our Contact Us form at the bottom of our website.

Here is a video tutorial on how to rename pokedex entries: 【How To Rename Traded Pokemon】- YouTube Video Link 14) long-form content – Example Content Writing Task (continued from previous slide) Instructions: Please finish writing what will be written in the next paragraph of this blog post. Do not write numbers or bullet points. **Content has been


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