Did you just find out that your roommate or someone else on the lease is moving? Do you need to remove them from the lease with or without their consent so that they will no longer be responsible for rent?

This post will teach you how to do both!

1. If your roommate wants to move out and is willing to sign a release, have them fill it out and send it back.

2. If your roommate doesn’t want to sign a release, give them written notice about at least 10 days before they are scheduled for eviction. The notice should state why they’re being evicted and notify them of any pending legal action if necessary.

3. If there’s an agreement between all parties involved in the lease, they can fill out a Mutual Release Form and then the tenant who is leaving will need to send it back.

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Instructions for filling out an eviction form: Fill in all of the details that are applicable on your state’s landlord-tenant laws website or with our help! It should include any information about when you started living there if this is not the first time being evicted from a property (or notice), along with how much rent was paid each month and what kind of lease agreement you have. Make sure to give them at least two full days before serving legal action – though many states require anywhere between 12 hours to 30 days depending on their rules. Keep copies of everything as evidence in case things go wrong!


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