Growth: Self-discovery and Personal Development The word “growth” has a lot of different meanings. It can signify change, progress, or development. In this blog post we are going to be exploring the idea of growth as it relates to self-discovery and personal development.

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We will discuss how growth is not just something that happens out in the world but rather something that happens within ourselves and for our own benefit. It is the process of moving from a lower to higher level in any field or area.

The first thing we want to explore is what growth actually means and how it relates personally development. One could say that personal development and self-discovery are two sides of the same coin, they go hand in hand.

Growth as related to these topics would be defined by this definition: “the gradual unfolding (of something) over time” which fits with both concepts nicely because developing ourselves takes time and anything worth doing usually does not happen overnight.

You can think about growth for yourself more like this analogy: It’s like putting seeds into soil; you have to give them care, water them daily, nurture them until they grow up into plants


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