A lot of people have a hard time with these 11 struggles.

1) Not being able to find your keys 2) Knowing what to wear in the morning 3) Being unable to understand what someone is telling you because they are speaking too quickly or too softly Numbering:

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11 Thesis statement about the blog post content. Explanation of what the reader should know before reading this blog post. Prepare to be a little overwhelmed, but I promise it will all make sense in the end!

A brief description of three struggles that are going on within this topic and then list these difficulties as bullet points below with explanations. – Not being able to find your keys because you have too many of them or they’re in different places every time you look for them is more common than we think and can happen at any age (even if you just found a pair somehow). This often leads us to throwing out our old keys without realizing it which means we won’t be able to get


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