The quick answer to this question is no. Cool Whip will lump and freeze together if you try to refreeze it, which means that it won’t be soft or fluffy the next time you serve it. The problem with freezing cool whip is that the air gets trapped in tiny bubbles when frozen, and when thawed these bubbles break apart causing a lumpy texture.

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Cool Whip is a dessert topping that many people like to use for desserts and other dishes. It comes in various flavors, such as strawberry, vanilla bean cream cheese, chocolate mousse, coffee frappe and more.

Cool whip is often used on top of pies or layered with other toppings and can also be mixed into recipes or used as a cake frosting. Some say it’s the perfect creamy topping because it doesn’t require refrigeration. When you buy cool whip at the store it will come in an aerosol can which means there are no preservatives added so you’ll need to keep your cool whip stored in the fridge once opened until use – just don’t freeze! If you’re considering buying some now check out our


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