What do you get when you mix a duck, a school, and some clever lyrics?

You get “Quack Like a Duck for School,” an educational song that is perfect for your child’s next day of class! In this blog post we will discuss the history of the song as well as how it can be used in the classroom. This musical number has been around since at least 1977 when it was first played on Dr. Demento’s radio show with its creator Tom Rapp being credited as ‘Dr. Quack.’ Nowadays it is often performed by various versions of The Learning Station including their own children’s band named after the song itself.

lyrics, sheet music, note @ Pixabay

In this blog post we will share more about how quacking like a duck can be used in the classroom with activities and lyrics. – Description of Quack Like a Duck for School – History of the song – How it is used in classrooms today (activities, lyrics) – Conclusion: “Quack Like a Duck for School” may sound like a silly children’s tune but it actually has educational value that makes it perfect to learn alongside your child each day.

With these ideas you will never have to worry about what songs or rhymes to bring into your group time again! Not only does this make an excellent addition to any school curriculum or lesson plan, but also as part of homeschooling too. Give yourself some variety when teaching by using Dr. Demento’s


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