Paper plates are a necessity for parties and picnics, but what do you do with them after they’re used?

Although many people recycle paper plates, there are also other ways to dispose of paper plates that might be more convenient.

In this blog post, we will discuss 3 different ways to get rid of your paper plates!

paper plate, bavaria, bavarian @ Pixabay

Put paper plates in the microwave on a low setting until they are brittle and fragile. Then, bend them into an accordion shape so that you can easily dispose of them in your household trash or recycling bin. This is great for larger batches of plates!

You can also break down smaller amounts by using the same technique as above but with more time in between each plate. 

Another option is to use water and vinegar – this will dissolve the glue holding together the layers and allow you to rip apart individual sheets (you’ll need a lot of patience!) before throwing away what’s leftover! The residue from this process may be toxic, so it should ideally take place outdoors if possible.


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