Maintaining your bowstring can be a difficult task. If you are not careful, the bowstring can snap and break in half!

But with this helpful blog post, you will learn how to maintain and repair your strings on a bow. This is essential for any archer or hunter looking to take care of their equipment.

Prevent breakage by checking your bowstring occasionally. Look for any loose or frayed strings, knots that are coming undone during use, and sections of the cord that could be worn out from repeated wear and tear in normal use. Replace immediately if you find anything!

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Keep the tension steady across all areas of the bowstring while it is being used to prevent damage to the whole thing at once.

You may need a helper or second set of hands nearby when trying this technique with large bows so they don’t tip over while maintaining constant pressure on each end of the string.

Clean cotton cloth can help as well because it will add some extra padding between your fingers and make them less likely to slip up onto an exposed


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