The answer is no! Granite can scratch and then you’ll have to replace it. You also need to be careful with what types of pans you use.

Non-stick pans are recommended for granite counters because they won’t leave a residue on the surface.

pan, tray, pot @ Pixabay

The question arises, are there any benefits to cooking on granite?

Well, the answer is yes!

Granite is a very durable surface that can withstand high heat. It also provides an even and smooth cooking surface for your pans so they don’t scratch or warp. You’ll find it easier when you’re scrubbing dried-up food off of them later too!

The only drawback might be if you have kids around who like to use utensils as drumsticks. They could leave scratches in the stone or chip away at its edges with their metal edges from time to time (though this still won’t ruin your counters).

Last week we provided information about how not putting hot pans onto granite counters was bad because it would scratch up.


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