Flea control is a hot topic in the world of pet care. It’s hard to keep your four-legged friend safe from these pesky little bugs, but with this list of tips, you’ll be able to outsmart them and get your best friend back on track!

Check out our top 10 tips for flea control below:

1. Inspect Your Home – Fleas can come into your home on an infected dog or cat, so it’s important that you check all areas where they could lay their eggs, such as carpets, furniture and bedding.

Vacuum up any eggs or larvae that you find and make sure to wash any fabrics they may have been hiding in before putting them away again.

blue tick, coonhound, dog @ Pixabay

2. Use Spot-on Products – Spot on products is an easy way to control fleas and ticks.

They last for about a month, so it’s important that you find time every day or week to apply them again before the previous treatment wears off. When using these products remember not to use any other topical treatments (such as shampoos) because this will cause skin irritation.

Tip: Your veterinarian can advise which spot-one would be best for your pet since there are many different types of flea medicine available with varying strengths in terms of their effectiveness against adult fleas and eggs.

If your dog is allergic then ensure they have been tested by consulting with their vet first. 


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