I know what you’re thinking. “It’s a boat, it floats, so I can put anything in it.” But wait! You can’t just put anything in that boat and expect it to float. There are some things that will sink the ship before you get out of the harbour!

We’re talking about horses. Sure they may be big and strong but as soon as they hit the water they start sinking like a rock.

So if you want to go sailing with your horse, we’ve got some tips on how to make this happen safely and comfortably for everyone involved – including your poor horse who doesn’t deserve any more pain than necessary after being hauled around by us humans all day long.

minecraft, landscape, water @ Pixabay

This blog post was also written to help people who are interested in alternative methods of transportation, such as carpooling and biking. We hope you find it useful!

It is important that we __ so the horse doesn’t get too scared with all this chaos around him or her.

Think about how scary a boat must be for a land animal – there’s water everywhere and nowhere they can perch their feet on dry ground.

The first thing you’ll need to do when getting ready to put your horse in the boat is adjusted it so that he/she will fit comfortably inside. This requires both removing any excess material from the saddle (such as pom-poms) and adjusting each stirrup accordingly.


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