This recipe is for Poached Salmon in a Crock-Pot. I love this dish because it’s really easy to make and you can put the crockpot on top of the stove if you need to use your oven. We’re going to start by getting our salmon fillets out of their package, rinsing them off with cold water, and slicing them into large chunks about 2 inches long or so.

Throw those guys in a bowl with some salt and pepper, then pour some honey over the fish until they are all nicely coated but not too sticky. This will give us that nice sweet flavour that goes well with poaching!

The next step is to gather up your kitchen. You’ll need a pot or pan that will fit the crockpot, some water (enough to completely cover the salmon), an oven safe dish that can go into the fridge and hold all of your ingredients without spilling over, a cutting board, knife, and spoon.

Fill up your pot with enough water so it covers the bottom but not too much – you don’t want to overflow if there’s room!

pot, steaming, hot @ Pixabay

Place in either top stove burner or oven for about 40 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until done cooking through.

Now we’re going to move our fish from the boiling liquid and start poaching them by letting them simmer on low heat so they are nicely cooked throughout as well as infused with


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