“Sea of Thieves” has been released for Windows 7! This is great news, as many people have been waiting to play the game on their operating system.

In this blog post, we will give you a quick rundown of what you need to know before downloading and playing “Sea of Thieves.”

windows 7, microsoft, background @ Pixabay

Sea of Thieves is available for Windows Vista, and Windows XP. “Sea of Thieves” has an install size between 20GB to 50GB depending on your graphics card. The game requires a 64-bit operating system with at least four gigabytes (GB) of RAM in order to run smoothly.

There are several ways to get the game – by purchasing it through Xbox Live or if you have preordered digitally without downloading it yet, just go into Settings > Games & Apps > Manage Game Downloads.

You can also buy physical disks that will work as well! If you want to purchase a digital copy from Amazon Prime Video, then this article should help.


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