Have you ever wanted to play your favourite PlayStation One games but didn’t have a PS1?

Well, now there is an emulator for PC that will let you do just that! Pcsx2 is the best PSX emulator out there. It can emulate not only disc-based games but also CD based ones as well.

You can save your progress in the game and even use cheat codes (if you know them). If you want to learn how to download and install it so you can start playing some of those old school classics on your computer then keep reading!

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First, you need to download Pcsx. You can find the installer for it at PCSX’s homepage or on GitHub. After installing the app, open up your settings and configure them as needed.

Then just run a PS One game disk through it! It should start-up in a second if everything went well. If not then check out their troubleshooting page.

If you’re having trouble running games, try downloading another plugin called ePSP emu from ppssppemulator.com/. This will allow you to use more games with Pcsx than before!. 


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