Yes, you can! It’s not always easy to play with other people who are online, but you can still have a great time playing Overwatch offline.

In this blog post, we’ll tell you how to do it and what to expect when playing the game offline.

First, go to and select the “Play” tab on the top menu bar. Then choose “Find Game”. You’ll see a screen that asks you what kind of game mode – Quick Play or Competitive – you want to search for other players in.

tab game pad, tab, game @ Pixabay

Quickplay is when you’re looking for someone who’s online and free at any given time (the people there will be assigned teams based on their competitive skill rating) a perfect way if your friend wants just one more player!

Competitive is where all players are matched up by their skill level from Bronze to Grandmaster. Playing these games can earn XP points so they can progress through rank tiers with ease! The downside? 


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