In the newest installment of the popular Destiny series, players are constantly connected to the internet to enjoy all content. However, there is a hidden setting that allows you to play offline for up to six hours before requiring another connection.

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In this blog post, we will discuss how you can set your device’s network settings and share some tips on how best to use your time while playing offline! The first step is to head over to your Settings. You can find this by going into the menu on an Xbox One, or selecting More > Network from the home screen of a PSN account.

On PC, it’s in the Control Panel under “Network and Sharing Center.” From here you want to make sure that if there are any networks detected nearby they are unchecked so that Destiny only connects online when absolutely necessary for certain features like multiplayer gameplay, messaging friends on, etc. ‘this blog post’ `some tips`, `best’, `absolutely necessary’, `,’ This section will be left as an exercise for those following along at home.


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