Can you paint over powder coat? Yes, but it can be tricky. If the coating is still wet, then you should wait until it’s dry before painting anything on top of it. If the coating has been cured for a few days and is no longer sticky or tacky to the touch, then you’ll need to sand down any rough spots with an electric sander before applying your paint.

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Blog Post Concluding: You’ll want to paint directly on the cured surface and avoid any cracks or crevices, as these areas won’t be covered by a top coat. If you have an old bike with powder coating that’s in good shape but you’re not feeling the look, then feel free to paint it over! Remember, this is a permanent change so make sure your final decision is one you can live with for a while.

You may also need to sand down rough spots before applying your paint if the coating has been cured for days (not wet). A long form blog post usually contains 750 words or more. This means it could take several hours of work time depending on how many sentences are


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