There are some people who claim that you can’t open your eyes underwater, but that is just a myth. The truth is that you can open your eyes in the ocean and be completely fine as long as you do it correctly. The first thing you need to do is get your mask on. If the mask isn’t in place, then water can enter through any number of points and create a flood inside of it.

scuba diving, swimming, sea @ Pixabay

Once that has been secure, you are free to turn around as much as you want while still breathing comfortably. However, if there’s anything like sand or dirt coming up from the bottom-up, then no matter how well designed it may be made; the goggles will fog up and stop being effective for swimming because they won’t let oxygen reach your eyes anymore -which means this could lead to panic attacks among other things.

If none of those situations sound familiar than congratulations! You have successfully freed yourself from not only one but two underwater myths.


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