In this article, we’ll be discussing eleven ways that you can refuse someone without seeming rude. For example, if they ask for your number and you’re not interested in talking to them any more than necessary, say “sorry but I’m busy.” If they want to share their life story with you when all you need is a phone charger, tell them “no thanks I don’t have time” or “I really just wanted the charger.”

rude, boy, angry @ Pixabay

The same can be said for requests to share a drink, date, or anything else. When you are not interested in the other person’s request it is best to say “no thanks.” Remember that they will probably want a reason why so give one if necessary but don’t feel like you need to explain yourself more than once.

It should also noted that these examples do require some level of social trust and familiarity with the person making the request as well as your own personal comfort with declining their request outright without giving an excuse – this article does not advocate rudeness unless appropriate (ie: refusing to hand over money). This content was created by Dina Mills on behalf of Alcuin College Centreville Campus. 


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