You may have watched as your friends moved their buildings in Star dew Valley and wondered if you could do the same. If so, there is good news for you! You can move buildings around with ease! I will show you how it’s done. In this guide I’ll be showing you how to move your buildings in Star dew Valley.

skyscrapers, singapore, city @ Pixabay

It might seem complicated but don’t worry because it isn’t too bad once you learn the ropes of it all! If you’ve been playing Star dew Valley for a while now, and have noticed there is no way to move buildings around like your friends can- then I’m sorry but it’s not possible. However! You CAN move them if the player has played on another save file that had completed “The Mayor” quest in order to unlock this feature.

This guide will show you how to find where all of these building locations are so they’ll be easy as pie for you guys out there who want to try something new with their farm layout or just simply change things up a bit. So without further ado here we go. Why doesn’t my character know how? 


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