Are you about to paint a room and not sure what type of oil-based paint you need? It can be pretty confusing with all the different types out there, but don’t worry! This article will go over the three major weights of oils and how they are used. Heavy duty oils: This oil is great for painting fences, decks, and similar rough surfaces. It can also be used on a vertical surface like brick or concrete if you use several coats of primer first to provide the paint with some glue so it doesn’t peel off as easily.

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Heavy duty oil takes longer to dry than other types because it’s thicker in consistency which means that once applied it requires more time before being able to handle foot traffic (about 12 hours). If you’re trying to decide between this type of paint and another weight then I recommend going with heavy duty only when there will not be any foot traffic over the top anytime soon after application. Intermediate oils: These are often thinner in consistency.


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