We all know that bleach is an important household product. But what will happen if you mix it with baking soda? Well, first of all, the mixture won’t be able to bubble or froth like a normal cleaning brew would. That’s because bleach reacts with baking soda to produce chloric and hydrochloric acid. The good news is that this reaction actually helps make your home more sanitary! Why should you mix bleach with baking soda? It’s all about the pH level. You see, a lot of bacteria love to stick around in damp and dirty areas — but not for long! When they come into contact with an acidic environment (like those created by mixing these two household staples), their cells start breaking down.

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What does this mean? Fewer germs means cleaner surfaces and less work for you! Plus, because acid is so effective at killing almost any kind of microorganism on both hard and porous surfaces alike, mixed bleach and baking soda solutions are great for cleaning your home too. So next time there’s some grime that needs removing from something near or dear to you, reach for the nearest bottle of chlorine first


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