This is a blog post about the 10 firsts that you need to do before you become a giraffe. It’s important for anyone who wants to be one of these cool animals to know what they’re getting into – or rather, what they’re not getting into.

woman, horse, beauty @ Pixabay

The only way to find out is by taking on the challenge and doing some research! -Do you want to be a giraffe? -Hunger Games: are there any games that they play on the African savannah? -When do their front teeth wear out and fall out, like humans’ baby teeth? When does this happen in life cycle of a giraffe? Is it different for males and females or is it about the same age for both sexes? How often will kids see these animals living near them when at school or playing outside with friends. What’s crazy is that none of those children know what happens to a milk tooth when they lose theirs. They don’t realize how important those little white things are! Does anyone think educating people would help limit deforestation because so many trees are cut


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