Saran Wrap is an innovative product that is used to cover food and microwaves it in order to keep it warm. The truth is, there are some misconceptions about this disposable item. We will share the truth with you so that you know what really happens when Saran Wrap touches your food. -It is true that you can microwave Saran Wrap. The chemical in it called polyethylene protects your food from microwaves and does not leech into it like some of the controversies say.

coffee, beans, seed @ Pixabay

-The waves created by microwaves are so intense that they cannot go through the plastic wrap to heat up your food; instead, when used correctly saran wrap will keep them contained for a short time while heating up. This means there should be no danger involved with using this disposable item! Best practice: use Saran Wrap as a cover over different types of containers (such as glass or metal) before nuking your meal or snack inside one of these containers. You’ll want to make sure the


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