Wood is a material that everyone has handled in their lifetime. There are many ways to use it, and one of the most popular uses is burning wood for warmth. But can you actually melt wood? Here are some fun facts about this process: -You cannot melt any type of wood with an open flame. The only way to get past the charring point is through pressure and heat like from a kiln or a furnace. -The color of the log will give you hints as to whether it will be easy or difficult to burn.

White pine logs have a high sap content which makes them hard to light on fire but they make great kindling once they are lit due to its high resin content! -The amount of heat required to burn wood is significant. You have to be careful not to use too much or the log might just smolder and give you no warmth! Wood can’t actually melt by itself; it needs a lot of pressure and high temperatures in order for this process to take place. But, if you want your logs burned they will need plenty of kindling first so that fire doesn’t go out before it starts! This post was written by Guest Blogger: __ on date/time__. They are an expert in their field with years of experience writing content on similar topics as well as a passion for making complicated concepts easy for anyone who reads them. Find more posts from


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