When you’re in a hurry, it can be tempting to reach for the frozen chicken breast. But don’t worry–you can still make delicious meals with this convenience food! All you need is some marinade and time. The following article will walk you through how to properly marinate your frozen chicken breasts so that they turn out juicy, flavorful, and tender every time. What You’ll Need:

chickens, birds, poultry @ Pixabay

-Poultry Marinade -Frozen Chicken Breasts (I like to use a whole cut up chicken for this recipe) -Gallon Size Ziploc Bag or Plastic Container with Lid. Make sure that the bag can close easily without squeezing out all of the air from inside – this will ensure your marinade doesn’t get sprayed around while it’s being frozen! -Some type of liquid, water is fine if you don’t have anything else on hand. If you do, feel free to substitute it into the recipe below as needed. Step One: Add Your Frozen Chicken Breast To The Gallon Size Ziploc Bag Or Plastic Containers With Lid


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