Future Pro Bikini Competitor - @Sophituk

We are super proud of our main ambassador, Sophie (@sophituk) who has been on a magnificent journey the past year, prepping for 3 bikini competitions. She did amazing in all of them and Charlotte did a quick interview to find out a bit more about her success!

C: So first of all, I want to say a big well done! You have absolutely smashed it in your shows. 3 massive shows and 3 fantastic results. How are you feeling?

S: I feel really overwhelmed with all the support and love I have received. I almost feel relieved that all the hard work has paid off and I have now got time now to focus on family, work and my social life.

C: Do you think you will be doing any more shows in the near future?

S: I'm hanging up my bikinis until the new year and then I will have a chat with my coach and see what shows or options I have at the end of year. I have automatically qualified for some upcoming shows, but I need to find out more about Barcelona / Arnolds as I am still unsure if I qualified for that one!


C: What is the most rewarding thing about competing? 

S: The most rewarding thing I would probably say is inspiring other people. It is amazing to get trophies and go on stage to put on a show to show off your hard work. But when you come off stage and get recognition from people who follow your journey and they say how much it inspires them, that is one of the best feelings for me. I live to inspire others, whether that is to do with fitness, competing or just general life. I love to be able to inspire and motivate others to do well.


C: What did you find the hardest thing about competing?

S: I would say the mental side of things is the hardest. Being able to keep your mind straight and keeping yourself motivated and on the right track. It is hard to sway off what you're supposed to be doing. Especially when you are tired and you still have to go to work, it can be hard to recover. I also find it hard with the diet, when everyone is eating good food around you, but I am sat there with my tub of prep food (laughs). It really tests your will power and how strong you are mentally.


C: Moving on to your diet, how important is water in your personal diet?

S: Water is super important! When I am doing normal practices when I'm a few weeks out from competition day, I have 3 litres of water. I need that for all my metabolic processes and to aid recovery and to keep myself awake and ticking over. Obviously, when it gets closer to the show you have a water load and then you dehydrate, which if it's done incorrectly is really dangerous! It shouldn’t be done at any other time, but it is to help you dry out on stage to make you look more tight. However, it is not sustainable or safe, so please do not try this at home!


C: Have you used Aquatiser in any way to facilitate your diet when competing?

S: I've had it when I have my powders, I have used it then. But because I haven’t been able to consume fruit within my diet, I haven’t been able to use fruit infused water unfortunately. I have used it as general water bottle though, or to mix my powders!


C: What is next for Sophit UK?

S: Ok so, it is off season and with my physique I want to make gains. With the brand side of things, I want to push my online coaching, my youtube channel and I want to focus on working with other people and doing more collaborations. I have also now moved gyms for my personal training so I am going to be settling in with my new gym too!


We want to wish Sophie a big good luck with everything in the future! To follow Sophies Journey please check her out:

Instagram: @sophituk
Twitter: @sophituk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sophituk

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