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OUR MISSION: to Hydrate The Dream’s of America’s Entrepreneurs:

With every order you place, we invest into local businesses through our Aquatiser Accelerator Program.

Each month Aquatiser invests into the business of a local Entrepreneur. We do this through our partnership with Americans Serving Americans (ASA).

Who is ASA: Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Americans Serving Americans is a Grassroots Fundraising Organization that was founded by successful entrepreneur, Mr. David Ashby. A successful and brilliant businessman, himself, Mr. Ashby has made millions of dollars working online and it is his goal to create opportunities across the nation for average people with hearts to serve. This is the driving force behind the ASA Movement.

ASA Invests! They do this through angel investments in Entrepreneurs, College Scholarships, and creating local job opportunities through their membership programs.

ASA’s Mission is to raise billions of dollars, through fun and exciting fund-raising events as well as commercial businesses, in order to provide hope, financial relief, and job opportunities to millions of Americans. It is the goal of ASA to unify the nation, as people from all walks of life come together to spur economic growth, reduce the unemployment rate, and increase upward mobility in America.

Americans Serving Americans supports US based businesses and entrepreneurs as well as families all across the country who participate in the movement using their skills and talents to raise money for the entrepreneurs

ASA has locked hands with successful entrepreneurs who all specialize in different areas and are millionaires and billionaires who know what it takes to launch and run successful businesses. ASA calls these entrepreneurs the ASA Eagles. It is the goal of the ASA Eagles to partner with other entrepreneurs, offer them guidance, and help their businesses soar to new heights. You may have seen or heard of the television show, Shark Tank. The ASA Eagles are similar in nature to the ‘Sharks’ on that show, and the Eagle’s Nest is similar in structure to how Shark Tank works. There are some major differences, though. The ASA Eagles are not in competition with each other. They work together to help ASA supported businesses be the best that they can be. The role of the ASA Eagles is to use their knowledge, experience, expertise, and connections to offer ASA Entrepreneurs the shortest route to success. Another difference is that funds are generated and awarded by ASA and not the ASA Eagles.


Jeff Hoffman: Cofounder
Evander Holyfield: Heavy Weight Champion and Entrepenuer
Forbes Riley: Queen of Infomercials and seen on
Brock Felt: Entrepenuer and Product Launch Expert
La Detra White: Million Dollar Business Consultant and Growth Expert.

ASA intends to be the #1 Leader in creating jobs in America. They help new and existing businesses by partnering with qualified entrepreneurs and franchises on a monthly basis - creating a win/win/win relationship for Entrepreneurs, ASA members, and local communities. Entrepreneurs receive funding from ASA and promotion and marketing for their product or service by thousands of members of the ASA Movement, as well as partnerships with the ASA Eagles. Members of the ASA Movement are able to earn money by serving these entrepreneurs and businesses through their fundraising, marketing, and promotional efforts. Through successful partnership between ASA and Entrepreneurs, new jobs are created, and local economies are positively impacted.


ASA also Provides COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS! Did you know that Americans Serving Americans will be giving an unlimited amount of college scholarships to high school students this year? If you have high school students who need money for college, grab them by the ears and make them come SERVE in the ASA Movement! Once they meet their requirements, ASA pays for their college tuition! This video provides a thorough explanation of what they will be doing. (insert video or link to video here)

If you or someone you know has a business that needs funding, visit, and fill the application out there.

If you or someone you know would like the opportunity to earn money by using your own skills and talents to serve other entrepreneurs and businesses, visit to learn more.

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