Not sleeping is not fun. Insomnia is popular today, and there are many insomniacs as there are insomnia treatments. Tossing and turning in a bed is a misery. Almost half the world’s population battles insomnia at some point in their life. What is more frustrating being the lack of an answer for insomnia? But, with some knowledge and persistence, you can regain a restful night again. Learn from different former insomniacs on how they overcame their sleepless nights as you read below. 

1. Investing in a new mattress

Most former insomniacs believe in getting a new mattress. When you are desperate to get more rest, it will drive you to get a solution. Look for which avocado mattress to buy to be comfortable through the night. You should know it is not about changing one thing but starting with one is a huge step towards addressing insomnia. You can start adopting the habits that encourage sleep. For instance, you can start exercising. Give up taking caffeine hours to bed. All these cumulatively will amount to better results with getting quality and quantity sleep. Remember, a part of insomnia may be due to the inability to get comfortable, and getting a quality mattress is vital.  

2. Combining meditation and melatonin 

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Stress and perimenopause could be the reason you have insomnia. In such an instance, listening to meditation tapes and taking melatonin will be helpful. A combination of these two will work wonders but with melatonin, ensure you consult your doctor first to get the proper dosage. Also, if you have children going through insomnia, you can ask your doctor to supplement melatonin gummy bears to help them sleep. Use the above combination and turn your sleepless nights into sweet dreams.

3. Developing better daytime habits 

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In some cases, insomnia is a result of poor daytime habits. In such a scenario, your insomnia can get so lonely, especially if you have a partner who can sleep through anything. Create a change in your everyday habits and start with facing the anger issues your insomnia causes you. Visualization and meditation will help you decrease your anxiety and stress. Also, include a sleep routine you follow through religiously. If you consume alcohol and caffeine, scale back as it could be part of the problem among your daytime habits.  

4. Trying essential oils 

Have you tried all painkillers, antianxiety medications, and muscle relaxants seeking relief from insomnia? It can be frustrating but do not give up yet if you are yet to try essential oils. You can add using CBD oil to your morning and nightly supplements. This can help you sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed. Consult your sleep therapist to see which other essential oils you can try that are helpful with insomnia.  

5. Using magnesium

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If you are experiencing periods of unexplained wakefulness where you are up two to three hours every night. You can consider magnesium. This type of misery of waking up and being unable to go back to sleep in the middle of the night has no solution to what you can do in the night. Most people try reading, listening to music, but it keeps them more awake, and they keep turning and tossing. Also, it is exhausting, and taking magnesium supplements will help with the poor sleep pattern. 

6. Keep a sleep diary 

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Bedtime will be less stressful when you practice using a sleep diary to aid your insomnia episodes. This is a better option for those that do not want to keep relying on drugs. Using a sleep diary will help track a lot, from where you are sleeping, time, wakefulness, among other things. As you do this, do not overthink about the fact you have to sleep. Do it naturally for some time, and with time you find out what the issue is, and you will be able to reach your sleeping goals. 

To sum up, the above are some of the ways many insomniacs could achieve better sleep. It works differently for each person. Also, you can discuss more with your sleep doctor about other solutions that can be helpful. Plus, you can talk with other insomniacs to know what can help and what cannot. 

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